School Nutrition
In the even of incliment weather, the meal for the next day of school will be the meal missed.  For example, if Wednesday is Hot Dogs and Thursday is Chicken Nuggets, if school on Wednesday is cancelled, Thursday's meal will be Hot Dogs.  Friday's meal will remain Friday's meal.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Food & Nutrition Services at 610-240-1955.
October Menu
High School Breakfast Price  $ 1.90   
igh School Lunch Price  $ 3.25
Middle School Breakfast Price $1.45
Middle School Lunch Price $2.95 
V/F Middle School 
On Tuesday, 21 Oct, the menu for VFMS will be switched with Wednesday, 23 Oct.  Tuesday's meal will be toasted cheese sandwiches and Wednesday's meal will be chicken cheese steaks.
 Elementary Breakfast Price $1.40
Elementary Lunch Price $2.75
November Menus